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Time: 11:00 - 12:50
Location: Senate Hearing Room 2, John A Cherberg Building. 304 15th Ave, Olympia, WA

For non-information technology personnel, cybersecurity can be a labyrinth of strange concepts, acronyms and techno-babble that is at best confusing and at worst terrifying. All of us rely on technical staff to secure our systems and data, and unless you are a trained IT professional, the details of cybersecurity will likely remain something of a mystery. However, a little familiarity with the fundamentals will go a long way. This session will provide a basic understanding of cybersecurity concepts and will empower the personnel who own the data and depend on the systems to better collaborate with their IT staff to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentially of financial data.

•Caleb Jones, Asst. VP, Security Risk Program Manager, Alion Science & Technology

Learning objectives: Participants will learn: •The principles of the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) triad ?We will review case studies highlighting actual incidents and relate them to the CIA triad

•The principles of risk-based security assessment including the elements of criticality, threat and vulnerability ?We will review examples in order to clarify why this is important to the lay-person and will explain your role in this process

•What data owners and system users can do to help their IT staff better secure their systems ?We will review: 1) what questions you should be asking your IT staff, 2) what information you should be providing them and 3) how your business unit can work with the IT staff to affect a positive change in your cyber-preparedness